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Colin Hetherington

Colin Hetherington

Colin, who is well known in the town for his fantastic range of seasonal goods, toys and pet beds, has market trading in his blood and first started running a stall at the age of just 15 – before that he regularly helped his parents at busy markets right across the region.

As well as his weekly appearance at Morpeth Market every Wednesday Colin also trades at other markets across the North East including Ashington and Seaham – working six days a week.

Colin, who has followed the market around several locations in the town over the years, said:  

“I’ve certainly seen a lot of changes in my time on Morpeth Market and at all the markets. Trends are constantly changing so you have to constantly keep on top of that. 

“It has been tough for everyone over the last few years but things are definitely picking up and it’s great to see the investment in the new market in Morpeth which is really helping and bringing more people to the weekly Wednesday market.

“It’s a real way of life and I love meeting my regular customers every week – some people have been coming to our stall for many, many years.”

As well as running a market stall Colin also has a shop called Specials with branches in Low Fell, Benwell and West Denton. Colin’s best-selling item at Morpeth Market is the pet bed which is popular all year round.


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Colin Hetherington


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