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Farmers' Market

Farmers Market

Morpeth Farmers’ Markets are held on the Market Place on the first Saturday of each month running from 9am – 3pm.

There is next farmers' market will be the Christmas Farmers Market on 7th December. And the first farmers' market of 2020 will be on 1st February, there will be no farmers' market in January.

Morpeth Market is managed by Northumberland County Council and Sanderson Arcade, working in partnership with Morpeth Town Council, Morpeth and District Chamber of Trade and other local organisations through the Morpeth market working group.

Although farmers’ markets are not restricted to farmers, traders must:

  • Be local – and in Morpeth, we count that as being from up to 50 miles away
  • Only sell their own produce, and
  • Must be involved in the actual production of what they are selling

Several traders are members of the Produced in Northumberland scheme - look out for the identifying badges.

Up to two stalls that do not fully fit these criteria but meet the general ethos of the farmers' market (e.g. a stall selling produce imported from a family farm in Portugal) are permitted at the market manager's discretion. Such stalls will be clearly identifiable.

The market is run in by Northumberland County Council and the Sanderson Arcade. For more information or to book a stall, contact Neil Brown, the Market Manager at or mobile 07909 688174.

Stall rental rates have been held from April 2015 at:

3m x 3m stall   £25 (+ £5 premium in July, August and September) 

6m x 3m stall   £50 (+ £10 premium in July, August and September)

2m table & share in stall: £15 (+ £2.50 premium in July, August and September)

Note - premium rates are applied in July, August and September.

The Farmers’ Market started in November 1999 and switched from Sundays in the Town Hall to outside on the Market Place on a Saturday in October 2008.

Bella D Dog Treats

Doglicious homemade tasty dog treats! Biscuits, muffins, liver fudge, mutt loaf, the list is endless, healthy 100% natural dog treats, free from additives. A satisfied customer says: "Xena is sooo fussy when it comes to treats. She won’t eat any treats from the big brands such as bakers etc, but loves her Bella-Ds treats!"
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Bread & Roses

Bread & Roses bake real artisan sourdough breads in their bakery in Alnwick with loaves including Rye with Caraway, Seeded Sourdough, Gilchesters' Miche, White Levain, Five Grain Levain and Moscow Rye The are relative newcomers to the Morpeth farmers market - attending their first market in November 2018 - but they are already proving very popular.
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Caribe Coffee Co

Caribe Coffee is a family-run business, based in Morpeth, started by Wilmer Carcamo through a love a quality coffee and a vision to improve the quality of coffee that available both in our home and in independent coffee shops. Caribe coffee beans are 100% Arabica, strictly high altitude beans grown 1500m above sea level, from Honduras in Central America, which produces some of the highest quality coffee in the world. The business was launched in March 2018 and Wilmer attended his first Morpeth...
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Carole Loves Art

Paintings, cards and prints, as well as unique handmade ceramics. All Available to buy directly from me at Morpeth Farmers Market, or on Etsy or Artfinder. Original art just for you.
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Castle Bakery

Castle Bakery sells a range of breads including French rye and Morpeth Sourdough - and a superb range of pastries
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Chirnells Farmhouse Kitchen

The Chirnells Farmhouse Kitchen is a home-baking business run by Heather Foggon. Heather produces all types of bread, biscuits, a variety of cakes, cupcakes and scones. She also makes superb Christmas Cakes and Puddings, and simnel cakes in season. The Chirnells Farmhouse Kitchen is always filled with the scent of baking, she produces everything in her own kitchen. It's meant she has had to have six stoves put in, but that way it means everything is made there fresh.
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Geordie Banger Co

In 2013, David McDonald started a business selling sausages. Coming from three generations of butchers, he was determined that his products were going to be of a high standard. After researching his family business recipes, he decided on five initial flavours and added a Geordie twist to them. And the rest is history - and some superb sausages - with continuing innovative flavours. @Geordiebanger And look out too for Geordie Bangers hot food-to-go stall selling their sausages hot - and on a stick...
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Hadrian's Game Larder

Game pies from 1.2 kgs down to 100g , venison burgers, pheasant sausages, a range of game-based Scotch eggs, game sausage rolls – and prepared game for cooking yourself.
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Jimmy Bell - The Lamb Man

Jimmy Bell is known locally as 'The Lamb Man' because he rears, butchers and sells traditional Northumbrian Hill Lamb from his family farm at East Wingates near Longhorsley in Northumberland. Jimmy attends market in season only (October till March) following the seasonal rearing of his lamb. You can purchase his hill lamb online and have it delivered by mail, visit his butchery at East Wingates Farm where lamb can be cut to order, or find him at Morpeth Farmers' Markets. Wherever you buy...
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Karen Griffiths Glass Art

Karen makes jewelry and other things from fused glass, including stud earrings, pendants small plates and bowls, coasters, glass pictures, tea light holders and sun catchers. A local artist working from North Shields, Karen Griffiths studied silver smithing and fused glass techniques at Sunderland International Glass Centre for three years. She enjoyed it so much that she purchased her own small kiln and now produces glass plaques, window hangings, small plates and jewellery from my base in North...
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Kitty's Ginger Wine

Kitty's non-alcoholic ginger wine delivers a sophisticated and refreshing taste, with an immediacy of fresh ginger, citrus and eastern spices. Not hot, but peppery with a long, warm demi-sweet finish, the ginger wine is delicious served hot or cold - or as a mixer with alcoholic drinks. Kitty's Ginger Wine is a family-run business based in Blyth.
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Mazzeh Spice

Simply put, Mazzeh Spice sells curry kits with a Persian infusion. The little packets of spices, lovingly put together by hand, give the the simplest ways to create authentic, traditional Parsi food. These kits require the least possible effort to make beautiful spiced curries, meals, snacks and side dishes for your family and friends. A satisfied customer wrote: "Bought a Murgh Makhani and a Parsi Vegetable Curry to try - both absolutely delicious and so easy and quick to cook. Will definitely...
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Moorhouse Farm

Moorhouse Farm produces the very best beef, pork and lamb on the family farms at High Weetslade, and High Barns Farm (Seaton Burn) – and they are very proud of their reputation for quality, range and value. You can be assured of the high welfare standards of the livestock, and the full traceability of the pork, beef and lamb. Moorhouse Farm are strong supporters of Farmer’s Markets, and have been attending Morpeth farmers market since it started in 1999, subsequently opening their farm shop...
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Murphy's Kitchen

Elaine makes a superb range of pies, mini-quiches, scones and sausage rolls which have her regular customers travelling from far and wide to buy: individual pies include steak & stilton, Moroccan lamb, chilli and macaroni cheese while the ham & egg, and mince plate pies are always popular mini-quiches from the traditional ham & egg, cheese to feta & roasted veg or pea & mint sausage rolls made with delicious Georgie Banger's sausage meet and a range of scones - fruit, cheese,...
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Northern Ark Nursery

Northern Ark is a small working nursery specialising in a choice and unusual range of truly hardy perennials, shrubs and herbs. We offer a border design service to help you get the best plants for your garden - and they grow all of our plants from our own seeds and cuttings. You can find them at Morpeth Farmers' Market with a choice selection of our home grown perennials, herbs and shrubs, or visit their nursery...
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Northumberland Poultry

Northumberland Free Range Poultry rears organic free-range chickens, ducks and guinea fowl - and is a very popular producer on Morpeth farmers market. Northumberland Organic and Free range Poultry has just one focus, to provide the very highest quality poultry reared in an extensive, ethical, free range manner with a total commitment to quality. They rear their poultry in a natural, extensive environment which provides the birds with a high standard of life from the day they arrive until...
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Ridleys Fish & Game

Ridley's Fish & Game are multiple-award winning specialist retail and wholesale suppliers of top-quality fresh fish, smoked fish, seafoods including mussels and dressed crab, poultry, homemade fayre and wild local game. Recommended by Rick Stein, this family-run concern was established in 1991 and has quickly become known for outstanding quality and service.
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The Honey Store

Les Elliott sells a wide range of honey - from dark heather honey to soft set blossom honey to light acacia honey - and is keen to tell customers about the different flavours and origins - as well as the health benefits of real honey. He also has honeycomb and a range of beeswax products. Bee-keeping has been in Les Elliott's family for over 30 years and in that time, he has learnt a thing or two about how to treat the humble honey bee and how to appreciate a hard earned batch of honey! Then...
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The Sauce Queen

The Sauce Queen sells de luxe cooking sauces Their core range has 13 flavours but this is supplemented by seasonal sauces - and a new range is in preparation. The sauces are made from only the very best ingredients and wherever possible, The Sauce Queens tries to maintain a low carbon footprint down when sourcing ingredients. For instance they source the double cream which makes up between 80%-90% of the volume of the cream sauces from their local dairy - Lanchester Dairies. Find us on Faceb...
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Timefreezer Photography

Time Freezer Photography is the landscape photography portfolio of Matt Hale. When asked about the name of the business, he says: "I like to think of it as a moment in time, frozen in a picture forever more that can never be repeated." Matt attends Morpeth Farmers Market but also runs his own gallery - the Time Freezer Gallery based in the Royal Quays Shopping Centre, North Shields. Matt is from Tynemouth - and his collection features the Coast and Castles of Northumberland, Beaches...
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Wooly Eric

Woolyeric create a funky knits range. So if you are looking for funky or traditional knits look no further, you've found us! Now offering vegan-friendly yarns A satisfied customer says: "100% recommend. I sent a picture of a cardigan I had for my little boy and wanted a hat to match and Ann made the most perfect hat that was a perfect match."
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Yellow Fields

Yellow Fields are only occasional traders at Morpeth farmers market - but they are worth looking out for, because they have a great product! Yellow Fields rapeseed oil grown and pressed in Northumberland. Tasty, natural, healthy, and local… Pure Yellow Fields rapeseed oil is still the most popular and versatile of our range, however, we also sell infused oils at farmer's markets. The garlic is very garlicy, lovely for garlic bread and for cooking. The lemon is great for grilling fish...
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