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Celebrating Women - Concert & Conversation

Celebrating Women - Concert & Conversation
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Celebrating Women - Concert & Conversation

8 Dec 2018

 12noon - 1:45pm Morpeth Chantry, Bridge St

Emily Inspires! presents a concert and a conversation with Reg Meuross, Penni Blythe and Helen Pankhurst.

Tickets £5 from or 07832 200980 or email

Celebrating 100 years since the first women achieved the vote, Emily Inspires! brings a unique confluence of conversation and music to Morpeth - exploring women’s activism and rights then, now and for the future.

Reg Meuross, internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter's song ‘Tony Benn’s Tribute to Emily Davison evokes local Suffragette Emily Wilding Davison hiding in the broom cupboard of the Houses of Parliament over the census weekend of 1911. Reg will be performing a collection of songs about inspirational women including Emily.

Reg will be joined by Helen Pankhurst, women’s rights activist, senior advisor CARE International, academic, author, great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst, and granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst. An informed and engaging conversationalist.

Penni Blythe of Emily Inspires! (feminist, activist, speaker, writer, coach, storyteller – masterfully weaves historical facts with song, poetry, humour. Provoking. Inspiring women and men called to action after revamping their dreams and seeing themselves differently. Provides potent reminders of who has stood for our rights.

Emmeline, Emily – and so many other women….. then and now what were they fighting for, what do we still fight for, what future for the next generations. ‘Lessons and Legacies’.

Which women in your family first voted?

Come and join in the conversation – a crucial contribution in time and place….