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Floral Clock

Floral Clock

 The Morpeth Floral Clock was restored this year (2018) and, as one of just four working floral clocks in the country, takes pride of place in Carlisle Park.

The clock was presented to the borough of Morpeth by James Fairbairn Smith of Detroit in 1972 in recognition of Alderman Bertram Jobson, four times Mayor of Morpeth. It is understood that Bertram Jobson and J F Smith were schoolfellows at King Edward VI School.

Over the years, the clock fell into neglect and it has been completely out of operation since 2008. However, a community initiation "The Friends of Morpeth's Floral Clock" lobbied and raised funds such that Northumberland County Council restored the clock with the traditional carpet bedding, and the "Friends" are committed to keep it maintained in the future

Follow and support the Friends of Morpeth's Floral Clock through Facebook. 

Image by Morpeth TV News

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