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Bluebell Woods

Bluebell Woods

Morpeth's Bluebell Woods are - as the name suggests - most visited in Spring when the woodland floor is carpeted with bluebells but they are well worth a walk at any time of year.

The woods - more properly the Howburn Woods, named for the How Burn which flows through them into the Wansbeck - are accessed at a layby at the foot of Whorral Bank on the A196, on the eastern edge of the town, or through the Easter Field behind the Health Centre nearby.

Access from the layby involves a couple of flights of steps, while access from the Easter Field involves a steep climb.

As well as the bluebells, there are a wide range of woodland plants, red squirrels, woodland birds - and the occasional deer.

The woodland paths were refurbished to a high standard by the Greater Morpeth Development Trust in 2010, and the Trust have plans for further woodland management schemes. The path network deliberately diverts people away from the most ancient woodlands in the heart of the wood which go back some 7000 years. There are also traces of Romano-British and earlier iron-smelting works.  

Photo credit: Barry Davidson

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