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Airspeed Vapour Blasting

Airspeed Vapour Blasting

 Pistons Cylinder Heads Engine Cases * Brake Calipers Carburettors 

Parts can be processed within 24hrs - Based in the North East - Post parts to us or drop them in

Suitable for any alloy component

What is vapour blasting?

Vapour blasting, or aqua blasting as it is sometimes known is a metal cleaning process which combines a jet of media and high pressure water. The underlying component is left completely intact however carbon deposits, grease, grime and corrosion are removed.

The process is suitable for Aluminium, Bronze, Magnesium, Titanium, Brass, Copper etc.

The cushioning effect of water in the process means that metal parts are cleaned without damage or erosion of the surface. For engines, this means that parts manufactured to close tolerances will not be affected. Making it safe for pistons, valves, heads and bearing recesses.

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