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The Honey Store

The Honey Store

Les Elliott sells a wide range of honey - from dark heather honey to soft set blossom honey to light acacia honey - and is keen to tell customers about the different flavours and origins - as well as the health benefits of real honey. He also has honeycomb and a range of beeswax products. 

Bee-keeping has been in Les Elliott's family for over 30 years and in that time, he has learnt a thing or two about how to treat the humble honey bee and how to appreciate a hard earned batch of honey!

Then one year in a very good summer, his bees produced barrels full of English Soft Set. So with so much extra stock, he decided to pitch up at a Morpeth farmers market - and... 

                a few years later, he has hives all over the UK and both the bees and the business are thriving!

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Les Elliott

The Honey Store
3 The Shires
NE61 6DQ

01670 504500 or 07843 993882


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