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My Fair Lady Jewellery

My Fair Lady Jewellery

My Fair Lady is owned and run by Alison Harris who started out selling jewellery and accessories in January this year.

Alison found success at markets around Northumberland including Morpeth’s Wednesday Market and quickly realised it was her popular bag charms that made her unique and stand out from all of the other traders as no one had anything similar on any of the markets she attended.

Other popular items include her Disney range of accessories which Alison has noticed increased in sales since the hit Disney film ‘Frozen’ was released.

Wanting to expand the business Alison decided to branch out into the clothing side of the market and for three months now has been selling an assortment of clothing items. These have been a best seller coming into the summer months, especially her range of pretty summer tops.

Even though Alison’s business is fairly new she has found that by attending markets regularly she’s quickly built up a loyal following.

Alison said: “I started My Fair Lady because having always worked for other people I wanted to be able to do something for myself. I also have a real passion for selling and love being able to have that relationship you build with your customers.”


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