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Jimmy Bell - The Lamb Man

Jimmy Bell - The Lamb Man

Out of season! Jimmy is away on the farm rearing this season's lambs. He'll be back on the Weds Market in mid August and at the farmers' market in October

My name is Jimmy Bell and I'm known locally as 'The Lamb Man' because I rear, butch and sell traditional Northumbrian Hill Lamb from my family farm at East Wingates near Longhorsley in Northumberland.

You can purchase our hill lamb online and have it delivered by mail, visit our butchery at East Wingates Farm where we can cut lamb to order, or find us at Morpeth Wednesday and Farmers' Markets. Wherever you buy lamb from The Lamb Man you receive top quality fresh lamb direct from our farm.

Our fresh lamb tastes superb because we:

◦ Use only the finest quality Texel-cross lambs.

◦ Use lambs from a non-intensively farmed upland pasture in Northumberland.

◦ Avoid using chemicals or pesticides on our farm.

◦ Give the minimal amount of medicines to our sheep and use homeopathic remedies where possible.

◦ Hang our lamb for ten days as was the custom for traditional butchers.

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Contact info

Jimmy Bell

East Wingates Farm,
NE65 8RW

01670 788511 or 07970 691 147


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