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Homemade Italian cooking - we love to promote the authentic and traditional Italian food of pasta and gelato.

The flour we use is sourced 100% from Italy, not just packaged in Italy, the wheat is grown and milled there!

Why 100% Italian? because we feel it is the healthiest flour, thanks the soil and the sun, even the Nduja and Chilli peppers we use are not just from Italy, but from the wonderful region of Calabria! All of our ingredients are fresh, not frozen, and our aim is to use local & organic produce.

Fantastic ingredients combined with our traditional skills means we produce beautiful handmade food, no machines, every single shape of ravioli, orecchiette & tagliatelle is made by hand, the natural way, just like we learned as kids!

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57 Foster Drive,
Gateshead NE8 3JA

07424 756423


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