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Yoga for Tots

Yoga for Tots
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Yoga for Tots

5 Jun - 10 Jul 2021

 12noon - 1pm at the Yoga Den on Dark Lane

Yoga for Toddlers run by Changes NE    ages 2 + 

Our lovely and welcoming community is a fantastic place to make new friends for both your child and yourself. Enjoy a fun afternoon bonding with your loved little people in a room full of like minded individuals.

Many parents with toddlers are worried about delayed social development due to lack of contact with others. We know many parents are worried about childrenís interactions with people due to not seeing facial expressions and limited playdates. 

Guidelines say children aged 1-5 should have 180 minutes of physical activity every day. Itís really important to develop their skills, movement and coordination. Even now lockdown has eased, there is still a reduction in the amount of daily exercise children enjoy. 

With all the benefits Yoga for Toddlers has to offer, itís the best (and safest) way to help children and families get back on track. Fun filled, socially distanced classes which allow you to bond with your child, exercise and make friends.There are many benefits to doing Yoga with your toddler. Join our classes to see the benefits Yoga has to both yourself and your child.