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Misbehaviour (2020)

Misbehaviour (2020)
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Misbehaviour (2020)

5 Nov 2021

 7pm St James Community Centre, Wellway

Morpeth Community Cinema Autumn Programme

Tickets £6, online at Ticketsource, from The Chantry (card only). Further details at

“We’re not beautiful, we’re not ugly, we’re angry.”

That was the slogan of the Women's Liberation activists who set out to disrupt the Miss World pageant of 1970. Their shenanigans made front-page news around the world.  Bob Hope was the Master of Ceremonies, baffled at finding himself the center of a firestorm of feminist anger. While the protests got the most ink, the pageant was hounded by other geopolitical controversies, most significantly from anti-apartheid activists (allowing South Africa to compete was seen as condoning the racist regime). To complicate matters further, and breaking with pageant tradition while reinforcing the racial divide, two women were chosen from South Africa, one white, and one black (the second competed under the name "Africa South"). A group of women throwing flour bombs onto the stage and freaking out meant Bob Hope may have seemed like the least controversial aspect of the pageant. "Misbehaviour," is an attempt to tell this complicated intersectional story, and it does so with a comedic light-hearted style, sometimes appropriate, but sometimes inadequate to the possibilities inherent in the real-life event.