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The Morpeth Larder

The Morpeth Larder




Taylors English Breakfast
Taylors English Breakfast decaffeinated
Taylors Earl Grey
Taylors Darjeeling
Taylors Assam
Taylors Ceylon

(Served with a small jug of Northumberland Pedigree Milk )

Tea Pigs Breakfast Tea
Tea Pigs Darjeeling and Earl Grey Blend
Tea Pigs Chai
Tea Pigs Jasmine Pearl (Green)
Tea Pigs Rooibos
Tea Pigs Chamomile
Tea Pigs Super Fruit
Tea Pigs Peppermint


Filter Coffee- The original served black with milk.
Americano Espresso served in a Latte mug, topped up with water.
Cappucino - probably the best cup of coffee in Northumberland! 2 shots of espresso with foamed milk.
Espresso - Full favour sold as a double shot.
Latte - A tall mug of steamed and foamed milk with a shot of espresso.
Mocha - A pleasing blend of chocolate and milk with a shot of espresso.

Ginger Bread Latte
Hazelnut Latte
Caramel Latte
Amaretto Latte
Vanilla Latte


Green and Blacks hot chocolate infused with steam and frothed milk finished with chocolate.


Shake it down with a Corbridge Larder milk shake, made with Northumberland Pedigree semi skimmed milk and a scoop of Doddingtons ice cream.

Super Choc
Strawberry Surprise


A glass of Elderflower Cordial with ice
A glass of Rosehip Cordial with ice
A glass of Pink Ginger Cordial

Fentimans Curiosity Cola
Fentimans Ginger Beer
Fentimans Old Fashioned Lemonade
Fentimans Shandy
Fentimans Dandelion and Burdock
Fentimans Orange Jigger

Diet Coke, Coke
Water, still or fizzy


Caramel Shortcake Tray Bake
Tiffin Tray bake
Flapjack Tray Bake
Individual lemon citron tart
Carrot cake
Cutting Cakes of the week- please see our display in shop

MORNING STUFF (served all day) *

Toasted Tea Cake - Café Royal Toasted Tea Cake
Cheese Scone
Fruit Scone

All of the above are served with French Florimont butter, with a choice of one of our three jams of the week from Wilkins or Thursday Cottage.


Coronation Chicken - served with a portion of leaves and Tyrells roots.

Smoked Applewood Cheese and Tracklements Onion Marmalade served with a portion of leaves and Tyrells roots.

Ham and Pease Pudding, served with a portion of leaves and Tyrells roots.

Bacon Sandwich served in an uncooked panini bun served with leaves and a side portion of tom sauce.


Goat’s Cheese, Onion Marmalade and Roquette (v)
Smoked Applewood and Onion Marmalade (v)
Ham, Emmental and Sun blushed Tomatoes
Bacon brie and fig relish

All served with a garnish of leaves and a portion of Tyrells roots


Piping hot sup of the day from the Redemption soup company. Handmade in County Durham, using the finest ingredients, wholesome and heart warming.


From our deli counter.

Deli Ham and Egg Pie
Deli Homity Pie
Deli Corned beef Pie
Deli Vegetarian Quiche (v)
Deli Salmon Quiche
Deli Goatscheese tart
Pate of the day - served with specialty bread.

All served with leaves and tomato garnish, with a deli salad portion of your choice. Choose one from: Luxury Coleslaw, 4 Bean Salad, Cheese Savoury, Florida Salad, Sweet and Sour Beetroot or Potatoe Salad.

Add a mixed olive side order to any sandwich or meal.

Bread basket with Olive Oil and Balsamic vinegar can be ordered with any meal


Italian Antipasto deli platter

Olives, stuffed peppers with feta cheese, Sun-blushed tomatoes, caper berries, artichoke hearts, green pesto and salami. All made with the finest ingredients.

Greek Meze deli platter

Black Kalamata olives, Greek butter beans in a rich tomato sauce, roasted aubergine imam, stuffed vine leaves with a savoury rice and onion filling red pepper meza and feta cheese.

Mozzarella Salad

Sliced Mozzarella cheese, Tomatoes with a garnish of leaves and extra virgin olive oil and balsamic dressing.

Salmon Salad

Scottish Smoked salmon served on a bed of leaves, dresed with extra virgin and balsamic oil. Served with a side dish of cream cheese.


Three types of cheese served with leaves, chutney, coleslaw and a baguette.

The Indian Spicy Platter

Medinah onion bhaji, vegetable samosa and pakora served hot with a portion of leaves, mint raita and chutney.

The Larder Sampler Cheese Platter for Two

Six cheeses from our range, three Northumberland and three from the rest of the range, served with crackers and oatcakes with two cottage delight chutneys.

Bread basket with Olive Oil and Balsamic

Add a mixed olive side order to any sandwich or meal.


Doddington’s amazing Northumberland ice cream, choose from:

Simply Vanilla, Utter Chocolate, Double Ginger, Yummy Rummy Raisin, Real Strawberry, Fudge Chunk, Lemon Meringue and Rip Roaring Raspberry


Cartmel Sticky Toffee pudding serve hot with a scoop of Doddington Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream

KIDS STUFF (for the under 12's!)

Half a sandwich: Served on half a large white/brown bread bun, served with leaf garnish and a portion of Tyrells root. Choose from, ham, ham and pease pudding or Applewood Cheese.

Half a Panini: Half a toasted Panini, cut into fingers for little hands, served with a dish of ketchup for dipping and leaf garnish and a portion of Tyrells roots.

 WINE (for the over 18’s!)

Siete Soles Sauvignon Blanc - 1.75 ml glass

A delicious crispy white wine from Chili.

Siete Soles Cabernet  Merlot – 1.75ml glass

Fantastic smooth Chilean red wine.

LOCAL BEER (for the over 18’s) 

Tyneside Blonde

3.9% abv Traditionally brewed, thirst quenching beer. 

Wylam Rocket

5.0% abv A pale copper best bitter.

Matfen Magic

4.8% abv A traditional premium ale.

Allendale Best Bitter

3.8% abv Traditional amber coloured beer.

All food is subject to availability, it’s served fresh from our vast range of award winning quality food. We don’t serve fast food we serve good food, please be patient at busy times.

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