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"Heart of Morpeth" Business Award Categories

"Heart of Morpeth" Business Award Categories

The ‘Heart of Morpeth Business Awards’ celebrate and recognise excellence in the business, retail, service, leisure and professional sectors in the town centre of Morpeth.

All awards are panel-judged except the Business of the Year Award in which all businesses in the Morpeth Town Centre are automatically entered. This award is decided by a public poll and town survey with a closing date of Monday 16th October.


Manager of the Year (sponsored by Inside Morpeth & ThruYorDoor Delivery)


  • Sharon Latimer from Hobbs
  • Laura Anderson of Laura Anderson Hair & Beauty
  • Michelle Heron from JoJo Maman Bebe
  • Sally Briggs from Seasalt Cornwall and
  • Marie Conroy of Hays Travel

This award will be given to a manager that has demonstrated an excellence in the ability to deliver a brand or the company values and message. They will have proven their ability in leadership and general management skills. Possible areas for recognition could include; staff incentives or training, introductions of new services for the benefits of clients or customers, environmental innovations, enhancements to client or customer satisfaction and demonstration in increase in sales and business growth.

Shining Star Individual Award (sponsored by Beach Design)

  • Louise Shiell & Jenny Clark - Pinkys Nail Boutique
  • Gordon Hakin - Sanderson Arcade Beadle
  • Laura Anderson – Laura Anderson Hair and Beauty

This award will be given to a shining star individual who has contributed to the performance and success of a business. The judges will be looking for solid examples of the individual’s positive effect on the business and their business team. These can be examples of increase in sales, positive customer reviews or implementing new ideas/initiatives. The judges will be looking for an individual who consistently exceeds expectations, motivates the team, enthusiastic and demonstrates the want to succeed in the business. This award is open to all business sectors and evidence must be provided to support the nomination.

Emily Wilding Davison Award (sponsored by Carr & Co Solicitors)

    • Jenny Clark – Pinkys Nail Boutique
    • Laura Anderson – Laura Anderson Hair & Beauty
    • Gwen Hezmalhalch - VIP E-Cig Kiosk
    • Caroline Coppen, Diane Coppen, Terri-Louise Anderson – My Pet HQ
    • Emma Bunting 

      This award is open to any woman working in a business within Morpeth. The purpose of the EWD Award is to highlight the contribution women make to business and is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate one such woman’s contribution. The winner will have demonstrated business success through three key areas of criteria.

      1. Inspiring, motivating and developing women in business: Providing examples of successfully motivating and inspiring other women in business including training and mentoring.

      2. Leadership and sustainability: Providing evidence of leading a sustainable business, in addition to providing positive sustainable attitudes towards women in business. Examples could include going into schools, networking and contributing to business organisations.

      3. Creativity and innovation: Innovatively tackling business challenges (‘doing things differently’) and overcoming obstacles creatively, as well as providing evidence of innovation and creativity within their business.

      Best New Business 2017 (sponsored by the Mayor of Morpeth)


      • Anderson’s Sandwich & Coffee Co
      • The Great British Curtain Company
      • My Pet HQ LTD
      • Lateral Art

      This award is for the best new business formed on or after January 1st 2015, with a base in Morpeth. The winning business must explain their business idea and strength of vision which motivated them to form a new business. It must explain the planning that went into launching their new business, the progress it has
      made so far, plus the businesses future strategies and ideas. It must provide evidence of successes to date and other ongoing factors that demonstrate a sustained competitive business.

      Customer Service Team of the Year (sponsored by The Flag Man)

      • Newgate Dental Solutions
      • The Pudding Parlour
      • Next Retail
      • Laura Anderson Hair and Beauty
      • Seasalt Cornwall
      • Hobbs 

      This award will be given to a business which has provided exceptional customer service with their efforts, attitude and product knowledge. The judges are looking for a business that may have developed their customer service skills through training and various other initiatives, and simply a business that makes customers feel welcome and consistently provides a ‘service with a smile’. This business must provide evidence of going above and beyond to offer customers an excellent experience. Examples are required, e.g. customer reviews and feedback.

      Independent Retailer of the Year (sponsored by Global Radio)


      • My Pet HQ
      • Cafe Des Amis
      • The Pudding Parlour
      • VIP E-Cig Kiosk
      • Laura Anderson Hair and Beauty

        This award is specifically for independent retailers with a base in Morpeth. The winning business will show steps it has taken to meet high store status and how they have acted to meet their customer’s needs. It will give evidence of store performance over the last year, examples of merchandising, positive customer service, staff training, quality product knowledge and product range as well as explaining marketing and promotion strategies. Entries should also include how the business tackles new challenges and competition, demonstrating how it stands out from other retailers.

        Community Engagement or Project Award (sponsored by WCRS)


          • My Pet HQ
          • Pinky’s Nail Boutique and
          • SA Beadles
          This Award is to recognise a business, or individual, who has contributed towards the community through innovation, charity work, volunteering, learning, research, community events, respect for the environment or various other initiatives that have a direct benefit on Morpeth Town.

          The business/individual is asked to demonstrate their involvement within the community and to include the changes and impacts their active role has had.

          Morpeth Town Window Dressing Award 2017 (Tour of Britain) (sponsored by Morpeth Town Team)

          This Award is judged by members of the Morpeth Town Team. Celebrating the Tour of Britain passing through Morpeth on the 4th September 2017, retailers and businesses are encouraged and invited to decorate their shop windows to celebrate the passing. The winner will be formally announced at the award’s evening. The award will recognise a business who used their design skills and flair to create an imaginative, eye-catching display to support of Tour of Britain and their passing through Morpeth.